Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's not warming it's dying


Milton Glaser Climate design

Madelyn is another friend of Jeremy G with her own vision of a theatrical production. We’ll see if we can find her a space.

We’re seeing if our administrative candidate is going to work out.

David S is still trying to come up with the right solution for the security cameras. I just want to say do it and get it done.

John R2 comes in to visit. Brings me one of Milton Glaser’s Climate pins. Glaser is famous for his Bob Dylan poster and Aretha's poster and Shakespeare covers and most of all the iconic I <3 NY design. His new design is radically simple. Sometimes accompanied with the words it’s not warming, it’s dying. It was good marching with my old Tulsa friend John.

Session meets for its weekly update and then Don and I go to discuss our proposed Gun Violence program. Don’s just back from China. When he was in the Peoples Republic, no news about the Hong Kong protests. He recommends cutting our program in half. Most people not interested in the Presbyterian Church position or even a theological discussion, just want to deal with guns…

Leila and Charles tried 3 times to get the old man off of the steps. He finally moved to a place between us and Greengrass, though technically ours. I decide to leave him be for now.


The police come for a thorough crime prevention walk through of the building, though the female officer is excited just it get the tour. They’ll give us a full report. And we have to get the cameras up.

Pat comes by for a daily check-in of issues current and pressing.

Finally Lauren C comes in. She’s a Tibetan Buddhist in the neighborhood and has asked me to speak at a special event with sacred relics next Friday. I’m happy to meet her. Want to know more.

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