Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall classic


Victoire and Jeremy working on  a song

Karen come sin to play the piano, but someone else is there. One of our interviewees for the administrator position has kept coming back just to play the piano. She waits. Her turn will come.

Pat O has come in. We need to rethink the congregational strategy given some recent session developments. After so many years, so many disappointments, it’s hard keeping the spirits up, hard keeping hope alive. It has been a hard road.

Richard from Brooklyn is in for his weekly volunteer session. More folding. And an hour of working with David S getting ready for Open Mic.

My son Dan is in town, so a family dinner gives me a late arrival to Open Mic. As I walk up to the church, Victoire and young Jeremy are working on a song together. That makes me smile. Pat O behind the bar tells me there’s been a lot of good talent tonight. The house is full.

It’s a classic night for spoken word. As always, Joel leads us on a unique journey, accompanied by Rabbi Steve again.
Joel Gold and Steve B
Poez has given us a chilling recitation of Edgar Allan Poe’s the Raven,( and to honor the World Series, Mandola Joe has his best rendition of Casey at the Bat yet. (

Still plenty of music with Pat O trying out new electronic equipment and David S with another good rock classic set. As young Jeremy finishes his set with an original, I hear Victoire adding harmony from the audience. Was this what they were working on? No, to finish her set, she brings up Jeremy
Nobody loves you when you're down and out
and they sing Nobody loves you when you’re down and out together. And this makes me happy. And Rabbi Steve starts out on ukelele before finishing on piano.  
Tonight Steve brought his uke

i know you Rider
Happier still with my own set. Tonight, I want to feature songs about fall. And for the first time, I do a full set of other singer’s songs. I open by myself with I Still Miss Someone, then bring  Pat up for So Lonesome…and then bring Joe up to join us for Rider…Fall? Well it’s World Series time. The fall classic. The Giants are in it. So wearing my Garcia shirt, we honor the only team to have an annual Jerry Garcia night. And singing I know you rider gonna miss me.. feels good.

David York 
Miriam has another set of ballads looking very Leonard Cohenesque in her hat. 
Miriam. And hat.

Longtime neighborhood resident David York, who was just wandering down the street and walked in closes ou the night with one children's song and some not children’s songs.

And as always, Stay Awhile to send us on our way. (Only RL has ever noted the irony of that…)
Yes. Stay Awhile.

Front cover
And back
This was our longest night of performers. There is a strong sense of community. And I love the collaborations. Yeah, a fall classic....

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