Thursday, October 9, 2014

If I died tomorrow, who would come?


One left over question from last night’s memorial service: If I died tomorrow, who would come to my memorial service? Who would organize it? How many would come? What would they say? Makes me want to reflect on my current life and witness. Sort of redouble the efforts, so to speak. Like that line from the Wizard of Oz: A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.

I come to the church after a meeting at Pastor Heidi’s church to discuss our ongoing efforts around food justice. The universal school lunch (Lunch to Learn)bill has still not been passed by City Council. And we’ve got to start work on Breakfast after the Bell..The public schools continue to be a primary location of engagement around issues of food justice. We make plans to move towards an advocacy day. What we want is an IAF style assembly with very specific asks…I’ll serve on the strategy committee.

Back at West-Park, Russ J and Stephen P are already waiting for me. We head to the Gate to talk about last week’s Micah Institute clergy gathering and my friend Sekou’s plea for people to come to Ferguson this coming weekend. That this is  a movement moment. That we need to stop looking for the next Martin Luther King, Jr. And may find ourselves in solidarity with people who make us feel uncomfortable.  Do we need to go? Who needs to go? If we stay back here in New York City,how do we stay in solidarity?

Another potential tenant is at the church. They not only want to rent, but potentially buy. Which opens a can of all kinds of political worms. I frankly just want to be done with all of this. I want to build a congregation, not save a building
It’s an all cash deal, they say…

This is Charles’ first day on the job as (possibly) Danielle’s replacement. We’ll see how this is going to work.

Still trying  to get a final proposal together for the security cameras.

And Pat O is taking boiler people to the basement….

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