Saturday, October 25, 2014

The man who plays the piano brings me coffee


Nanna Mallan is an artist from Denmark and a friend of  Lotte and Carman. She was in worship last Sunday and has come  for a special tour of West-Park. She does photography. And installations. She dreams big. And from a look at her photographs, delivers. She wants to see the space. Feel the space. Understand the space. At the end, we sit and talk. She’s got ideas for a major installation. It will have to be maybe a year away. As she leaves, I give her one of Angelo’s angelitos. ( She’s done some amazing things with paper boats.

Pat O drops in for an update. Tomorrow, we’ll do a full redo on what we need to be looking at congregational development wise.

The man who plays the piano who brings me coffee delivers his large coffee with cream and sugar and heads to the Beckstein.

Tricia’s Othello continues to develop. She’s getting closer and closer to her open rehearsal performance.

On my way toy meet Russ J at St. Bart’s for the annual Tree of Life conference on Palestine. Tonight will feature two young women Israeli women conscientious objectors.

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