Saturday, October 4, 2014

This playing keeps us going


Rick Gottlieb

Two representatives from Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal stop in to see if they  can leave bike safety fliers. Well alright, then.
 A long day with a lot of writing and planning, trying to put programming into place. It will be a matter of bringing it all  to life.

Sean is in the sanctuary, going through his things again. I ask if he’s making any progress. He says yes, but….his worldly goods seem to be expanding.

Late afternoon. RL wants to get ready for Open Mic. The hall is filled with suitcases and backpacks. I go check it out and see Martin and Gabriella. Noche is on its way to Great Barrington in the Berkshires for a final set of Antigone rehearsals before Seattle. Martin has a look of excitement and anticipation on his face. He’s rented an old theatre in the town. There’s a bite of fall in the air. The Berkshires are made for fall. It’s a perfect place for them to pull it together. I’d love to be with them in the mountains.
 As I’m rehearsing, Pat texts me that an interesting guitar player is getting ready to perform. I walk into the chapel. Smaller crowd tonight due to Yom Kippur. The new player is Rick Gottlieb. He’s got a nice fluid style and keeping the Berkshires theme going, is reminiscent of James Taylor. He does two fine originals and Oh Danny Boy, all in his preferred  dadgad tuning. A fine set. (

I stay for a surprisingly fine spoken  word set by Anna Y then have to leave for a family commitment.

When I get back, it’s almost closing time. I look around and see that David Lyons has performed. And Joel. And Pat O. And David S. I see Miryam. And happily, our French girl Victoire is back.

RL invites me up to the stage.  I change all my ideas. Do a new one. Then my New Mexico song and finish with Sugaree. Miryam asks who did that and I say Libby Cottton. Famous for Freight Train. And her left handed picking style called of course, cotton picking. New Mexico went over well. Victoire agrees to accompany the boys to the Gate. This playing keeps us going.

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