Thursday, October 23, 2014

And I guess that I just don't know

Closed all day Monday for a movie shoot.
Today….the sleeping man is out there under his white comforter between our steps and Barney Greengrass. Excuse me sir, but you’re going to have to....
Look I been respectin you by movin off your steps but you got no call getting hp in my face…
And I’m sayin you still can’t sleep here during the  day.
I’m off your goddam steps…what you’re problem…
It’s still our property..
Fuck your property and fuck you motherfucker. He gets up off the sidewalk, comes up on the steps and gets in my face. Raises a fist. Now you pushin it motherfucker..
Don’t think you wanna do that, sir. It’s not good for you. Not good sleepin’ on the sidewalk. Not good.
Fuck you motherfucker.
I go inside. Tell Leila the sleeping man is uncooperative and downright nasty. Turns out he was nasty to her too. So I call Project Reachout and they agree to stop by.
Pat O comes by to help put the week in order. To help analyze last week’s emotional meeting. Figure out what’s next. I tell him the good of last week’s Sunday service.
Karen is in the sanctuary, playing her music.
Stephanie comes in to schedule the rehearsal times for her choir.
Carman’s Danish artist friend Nanna comes in. Shows me her installation boats on the edge. Paper boats in the sea off Copenhagen. She’ll come back Thursday for a full tour.
I hear back from Reachout. They came by. Got the sleeping man’s name. He refused their offers of assistance. Refused even to accept their street sheets. OK. My way is clear. Our rules are simple. You can stay on the steps as long as you work with our partners to get housing. Otherwise, you got to go. Even still, I wonder. Wonder how Jesus’ parable would change if the man along the Jericho Road called the Good Samaritan a motherfucker. Called Jesus  a motherfucker.

Then thank God that I'm as good as dead
Then thank your God that I'm not aware
And thank God that I just don't care
And I guess, I just don't know
And I guess, I just don't know

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