Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Welcome back


The day starts with Bobby and Kristen, my Spanish Harlem couple. A wedding rehearsal. And quite frankly, pretty strange in the presence of gigantic puppets filling the sanctuary. This is the most traditional wedding  I will have done in over 20 years.

Yes, the bride will actually be given away by a father.  Yes, I will actually have to ask the question if anyone knows why this marriage should take place, speak now…or forever hold your peace…And there will be a veiled bride up until the final kiss. At least there’s no love, honor and obey….

By the time I get back at the end of the day, another Bread and Puppet performance has ended.

I have  a service to prepare for and words to write. As I am writing, one of the B&P  crew, Katherine, stops in. She’s not only one of the company, she’s the one who runs the  cheap art sale after every performance.

She’s trying to figure out why the church feels so familiar.

Katherine recalls #OWS and those heady days following  the eviction from Zucottti. She recalls how they performed for the people   at Union Square then someone told them  that what they really needed to do was to go to West-Park Church, which of course they did, and a performance for our people that became part of the #OWS history here. . The connection was made. The relationship begun. And now what we do is one. Katherine and her bread and Puppet circle has returned home. To this home. 

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