Saturday, November 30, 2013

And then they were gone

Loading the bus

Get to the church early so that I can be there for the Bread & Puppet load out. Outside, the bus is open and a reverse VW clown show is in process, giant puppet after giant puppet making their way in. One has lost his head and will remain behind. Katherine has described to me the ritual burning of decommissioned puppets that takes place in Vermont. But this crew will be making their way to Boston for their January residency there.
I stand with Peter on the sidewalk, exchange a hug. We will be looking forward to their return. Peter and the van take off first.
The van
Finally, all is loaded and I say my goodbyes to Michael and Clare and Katherine. And the bus pulls out with her at the wheel. 
It is somehow fitting that before the van has left the island, someone discovers that a sousaphone has been left and a contingent of course ventures back for it. Like a coda. And then they are gone.
I look around the church. Except for a few  things in different places, it’s as if they were never here. I miss the giant looming puppets, the smell of their daily cooking, the buzz of people, the daily rehearsals with Peter’s latest changes.
A part of me would have very happily jumped on the bus and run away to join the Bread & Puppet life. 
The bus pulls out
Now Bread & Puppet has become part of the spirit of West-Park.

                               * * * *
Returning from a visit to Cara at the hospital when I get a call from Emily of Woodshed. They need to get some things out of the 4th floor storage space. For their upcoming fundraiser night. No one has been in that room for years. And the outer window’s been damaged. Hoping no pigeons have broken in.
I’m on my way. RL’s been wanting to help us get that Woodshed space emptied out. When I get there, he immediately reports activity on the 4th floor. And I tell him it’s Emily and Woodshed. I ask him to be gentle, since she’s not in charge of clearing out the space. I shouldn’t have worried. Before  the night is over, Emily and her assistant have been introduced to the Lost Episodes and initiated into the Dusty Withers Fan Club, badges and all.
I will later fill RL in on the amazing story of how Woodshed had transformed the church into an immersive exploration of Polanski’s The Tenant. Our first extended residency.
A nice arc, from Woodshed to Bread & Puppet…..

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