Wednesday, November 6, 2013

El dia de los muertos


El Dia de los Muertos altar

Deacon James is in. Feeling OK after chemo. Heading out to Long Island to spend time with his grandchildren.

Cara is in for the first time in days helping to sweep and clean up the place.

I build m annual dia de los muertos altar, trying to find the right ofrendas, using some of Angelo’s angelitos and left over Halloween candy, two quarters... Still have my Louisville Bats hat nearby as well. 
Bats' hat

We desperately need a letter from our potential tenant to ease presbytery’s concerns about the potential of this tenant to actually come through. The tenant has raised its own concerns. With presbytery. With us. And dragged in issues concerning the facade which lead me to have to get a letter from our city council member pledging support so that the tenant can send a letter for Presbytery…a circle of catch 22 chicken and almost breaks my spirit having to wait for others to deliver small offering upon which my/our future depends…the anxiety of many times have I been through this? It is draining…

Finally, near to 5 PM, the letter comes through. Not perfect, but I can work with it. I keep a candle near my altar all day long until its open mic time.

Joe does a morbid old song, an almost grand gigolo Gaelic song. And references Halloween which leads me to bring my altar into the chapel.

Jamie comes and takes me to dinner at the B.

When I return, I do a set that ends with Libby Cotton’s Sugaree by way of Danny Kalb. I sing everything I have is done and gone as if I believe it.

Sonnie sings
A drifter named Sonnie sings three songs that sound like ‘80s-‘90s Florida pop. RL is blown away. As are we all.

Soon enough there is the inevitable Stay Awhile. And the night devolves into one person’s drunkenness, seduction,and rejection,  another visit from the suburban do-good Midnight Run, rescues or abductions… I escape to RL’s studio for music, conversation and contemplation. And the spirits  hover nearby….

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