Sunday, November 17, 2013

And this too is bread


So we have heard that there might be guests at Sunday worship. Perhaps without the best of intentions. So we are trying to be prepared. On Friday I had heard the young man from Bread and Puppet who plays the pump organ and asked him if he might be free on Sunday morning and he told me that he was sorry but that he had workshops to teach.

While I was at one of Milica’s concerts at MC Gallery, I got a voice mail from Katherine of Bread and Puppet saying that she had overheard and would bring a group of six to sing Sacred Harp music. Almost made me cry.

Back at the church, the performance had just ended. My friend Rabbi Michael from the Religion Labor Coalition had been there. Your church is the right place for this, he says. I see Katherine,  say thanks. Give her a hug.

Later. Rabbi Michael comes back. He’s left something. I turn the lights back on, Michael finds his forgotten item and is gone. And then I hear a voice from the balcony, it’s Michael from B&P. He’s been locked in up there.  So I get him out.

He’s concerned that everything look right for the service. Concerned that the 20 foot puppets might frighten uninformed visitors who might mistake them for pagan idols of some sort. So he gently removes each puppet, tenderly, carefully avoiding any injury, clearing out the space. As I work, I’m aware that he’s sweeping, vacuuming. He will be here until the wee hours, just to make sure that we’re OK.

We live in relationship here. I’m not sure why that is so hard to understand.

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