Thursday, November 14, 2013

The good, the beautiful, the hard


After lectionary, my friends stayed and helped me think through strategy for the upcoming presbytery meeting. Shared my experience of last night. We need to be prepared for anything. Any surprise.

Glen has already brought by representatives of a long running musical theatre company. They are gone before I arrive.

We were hoping to have Zeljko do some follow up shooting and get us a few interviews for the presbytery meeting. But he is tied up at the UN. Pat K is doing another stalwart job at helping  us bring order to the office. And get things up on the wall to look better, more professional.

And Andre has arrived late. He always inspires me. He’s gone back to school. Community college before working to finish his degree at Hunter. We talk of years of music here. The good, the beautiful, the hard….And I tell him what we are trying to do and that we need him. To start over. Well, to start some things over. He always ends the same way:  Be blessed.

I’m left to wake Sean who’s asleep in the pews. His electric wheelchair broken down, out of juice. Needs a troubleshooter. He’s exhausted. It’s cold outside.But i need to get him out before Bread and Puppet.  He’s hard to rouse. Outside, I ask if he wants me to call 9-11. NO, he insists. And then goes into one of his I want to die raps.  But I don’t have time to do this. I need to meet Jamie and Glen at the Presbyterian Welcome awards night.

It will be a good time to celebrate. To remember that we were one of the original co-founders seeking to bridge the divisions in the lgbtq church activist community. How we served as one of its two first offices. And how Cliff F brought his IAF training to bear in this work as its first director. And now how Mieke brings her own unique gifts. The vision of More Light continues in a new way.

And we came to politic. Organizing work? Relational?

Just a few things to wrap up before I head home.

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