Thursday, November 7, 2013

Bits and pieces add up to...


The Center board meets. Trying to explain the current situation with presbytery. The precipice once more. Trying to contain the anger and anxiety. In the middle of this, Amanda comes in with Jen and Amelia, just to say hello to old friends. Who helped bring this vision into reality. But the moment is so intense, no one looks up. And it soon becomes apparent I won’t be joining them for dinner any time soon. We’ll have to catch up later.  They’re all leaving tomorrow. Sigh.


A phone call to secure the needed letter has not gone well. Session members gather to try and get clear on what our strategy needs to be. I am feeling exhausted. With a sick headache.  Another late dinner at the B.


The day began with representatives of Justice for Jazz Artists. From the musicians union. Looking for support from us for their campaign. Two main objectives: getting the big clubs to contribute to the pension fund. And ending the practice of forcing musicians to waive the rights to their own performances.   Later when I talk about how my own pension could leave me homeless and a bit my experiences with the carwasheros, Micah (via Skype) laughs and reminds me that jazz musicians are no less vulnerable.

Later, Loretta comes to visit with her actor friend Kevin. To check out the space. Perhaps for readings.  And her upcoming screening. She carries herself with a lot of class.  She’s soon off to Portland for a screening.

And the sickness in the pit of my stomach continues.

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