Saturday, November 16, 2013

And yet underneath it all.....


Rob is sleeping a little to late. Everyday. Got to help him move on.

A sunny group from a Christian Youth Theatre come in looking for space.

Glen’s bringing in a very established musical theatre group. They actually might be able to make a go of it.

I’m in a much because I’ve got to get to the UN by 5 where Zeljko has a screening hosted by the Serbian embassy coming up. My friend Mark from the UN ministry will be meeting me.
Col.Dale and Mark at the UN

When I get back, Bread and Puppet has just finished but I’m just in time to catch Sarah Z before she leaves. As always, she still feels connected to us and what she helped create.


A bar has closed. The owner wanted to move all her stuff here. We had talked it over and decided that with all that was going on, it would just be too much to handle. Danielle had sent an e-mail last night. Which apparently the owner never read. Because I’m getting messages from Danielle that the owner is outside of the church with a truck and crew and her stuff. Angry that no one is here to let her in.

So I am surprised when I race here and no one is here. No truck. No stuff. Only Rob. He has overslept. He’s got to clear out his stuff. And the shopping cart on the north end. And the backpacks.  He comes in to borrow the broom and dust pan and do his share of sweeping. And then tells me that ten minutes before I arrived, the owner got angry, told the crew to just take the stuff to the dump and left. Angry.

I’m surprised when Mim walks in and asks what I think of the e-mail trail. What? What e-mail trail? So I look . And am amazed to discover just how determined someone is to see us go down.  Continuing the urban legends.  With their own plan for this building.  And once again, that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that it could all go down. All end. We can’t stop. Got to keep working to prepare.

And there are as always, church people with needs. And dramas. And hurts. And questions.  In the midst of our work, Anna comes in with Keith. We’ve got to find a place for him. It would be good for him to go home. But he doesn’t want his daughter to see him like this. I try to tell him that she loves him and wouldn’t care. I wish he could see that. Give her that gift.

Pat O has brought a man with him from the music business for a tour. Another potential investor. We do the whole building. Imagination stirs again. Never seen Pat O in a suit before.

Glen has come in to finish negotiations for a screening  coming up in December. Things seem to be falling into place.

Cara has come by and I’m happy as always to see her as she gets to work helping out. We miss her when she’s not here.

I’m still working and it’s time for another Berik and Leila opening. Another international cast of characters. And young, too. These openings are becoming more successful. This one is Lyrical Inspiration.

Katie rocks. Again
I race up to Columbia to catch Zeljko’s last screening. To a full house. And then  get back in time for Open Mic. And another full house. As usual, some newcomers, including a spoken word artist. And this time our old school spoken word artist Joel improvises with Piano Dan. And Katie knocks us out with her standards like Got you under my skin and One Note Samba with Piano Dan accompanying.

Hmmm. Once again there are some, well, issues, that the community handles well. And the Midnight Run people show up, as usual. It’s getting late. I played and sang well. I could feel it. Playing one song for the last time for awhile.  But could  feel it working. I love moving into a song and making it work.

Ignoring the dread for awhile. For awhile.

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