Thursday, November 21, 2013

All will be OK. I want to believe that

There is no question about today’s agenda. Every last ounce of energy must go into tomorrow night’s meeting. We need to check our list of commissioners again. Phone calls and emails to see if there are any questions. Double checking to make sure votes are secure.
Still uplifted by yesterday's service. Even a friend of Uli's from berlin was here.
Sean comes by in his wheelchair. Yesterday he was exhausted. Fell asleep in the pews. It was really hard to wake him and get him moving before the Bread and Puppet performance.
Katherine is in doing work for B&P. She makes a point of telling  me how much yesterday’s service meant to her. How much my words meant to her. No Katherine. What you did organizing the singers, bringing your colleague B&P’s all on your own, without request, that was amazing. Lifted our spirits. Will be remembered.
Danielle hard at work turning yesterday’s interviews into a video. Cutting. Editing. Trying her best to get my voice out of it. Letting the people speak for themselves.
We’re waiting for Stephen to come in and finish the power point.
After work Marsha drops by to check in. Jamie is meeting with the chair of a vital committee. Later she will come by to check in too.
When we are finished, she will take me to the B for dinner. Try to reassure me that all will be OK. I want to believe that.

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