Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fifth Sunday in Lent: Green eyes, just like Eva Gardner


Stephen, Kimberley and Andre

St. Parick’s Day. The doors are open. Stephen is waiting. On the way to 85 Copy, I run into Marty.  Happy St.Patrick’s Day, Marty. He looks up. Recognizes me. It takes a minute. 

So Reverend. Did you say a special mass for the holiday? It’s a sad day. or is it a happy day? My father was a reverend, I see you’re wearing green. My mother had green eyes, just like Eva Gardner. That’s why he married her.
Because of the green eyes?
No, she was a good cook. But when he got mad at here, he’d just stare. Right in those green eyes. 
You have a good day, OK? And he nods. 

On the way back from the copy shop, an Orthodox Jew in his black hat and beard is taking to him. And do you have matzoh? And grape juice? When are you going to get it?

I walk past. Back to church. Anna and puppy are guarding my office. When I go to set the sanctuary, she goes out to sweep the steps. I set the table with Lenten purple. Lay down my purple Guatemalan stole. Then, just for today, add my green stole. St. Patrick’s Day.

Kimberley is leading today. Stephen has learned the music and is playing the piano. And Andre has arrived to sing and lead the music. Her reflection is on the story in John where Lazarus has just been raised. A dinner is going on. Mary perfumes his feet with expensive pure nard.  And Judas, called a thief by John, complains.

Her main focus is living in the moment. How even in the shadow of the looming cross, we need to feel the joy of the moment. Allow it to fill us. Share it with each other. Celebrate in the midst of sorrow. Appreciate the people around us, now. We know not what tomorrow brings. But we are here, together, now

Her reflection was well thought out. Theologically coherent. Filled with touchstones of people’s lives. And seasoned with a collection of quoted from a broad variety of sources true to her Unitarian self.

Andre does a reprise of Come by here, my Lord. I say that it began with the slaves, was taken to Africa by missionaries and brought back around by Pete Seeger. Remember its role in Glen’s play, Dem Dahk Days Down South.( )And Glen tells us his assistant Victoria has been accepted into the graduate program at NYU.  And Kimberley leads us in a rousing Shout for joy,  brightening our Lent.

Tracy has sent pastries from Joe Bar. Jamie has brought coffee. We take time to enjoy each other. Get to know Ashley, our visitor. 

Time to get the Session together. Review where we are negotiationswise. 

I’m loaded down with boxes for packing. Jame hails a cab.

I’m remembering last year. The Occupy action. Tying together the deeper meaning of St. Patrick’s, finishing at the Irish famine memorial. ( Then the next night, our celebration of el fiesta del San Patricio, with the Buskers, Joe and Pat and KT. And Carlos and his norteno band of Mexican workers. As we lifted up el batalon San Patricio, the immigrant draftees who decided they were on the wrong side and refused to fire on Mexicans. It’s good to remember. ( )

Que viva el batalon San Patricio. Presente!

Glen and Don

Hope, Stephen and Arcadia

Andre and Cara

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