Saturday, March 2, 2013

Halfway There


Only one thing on our mind today...preparing for our presentation on program and budget before a presbytery committee this afternoon at Jamie's office. We  work all day getting very detail down. Thee cannot be any loose ends.

Our appearance with our Manhattan Together’s Mayoral Candidate’s Forum is now clearly in jeopardy. I give Stephen a ticket so that he is ready to represent us. He will try to recruit Martin. Cara is sweeping away. Can tell I’m preoccupied. Tries to cheer me up. Mentions New Orleans. Sends me into a reverie. Remembering my work there, but more so, the music. I go to the Youtube of Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns doing Lucky Devil.  Good preparation for a meeting. 
We leave together. And pass Jane on the street on the way to the train. 
Danielle and I in a desperate attempt to find sufficient money to keep the lights on. Down to the wire. And I tell her of last night’s three and a half hour meeting. And eventual success. Jamie. Marsha. Mim. Me. A good team. Vision. Budget. Plan.  Strategy. And somehow on the edge.
My friend Beppe comes by with his friend Carman. A conductor. A composer. The Sky Music Ensemble. Formerly in residence at Judson Memorial. And St. John the Divine. Lincoln Center commissions. He’s blown away by the acoustics. Has a vision of a composition built on Beppe’s singing bowls. Wants to make it happen.
Beppe and I head to the B to discuss. 
When I get back, the Course on Miracles is hard at work. I could use a few. 
Martina and I go to the Dead Poet trying t find a solution. Wishing Teddy were there like he was last Thanksgiving to help us find it. (If your’e there, join in, we need you...)
Cara and Anna in tandem again. There it is: acceptance, inclusion, mutuality. Anna territorial and protective of those she cares for.
I greet Willa on the street. Tell her I want to see her in  church.
Mim comes in again. And comes through again. As always. For Danielle and I her  caring pastoral touch sustains us through the most difficult times. 
RL stops in in hsi way to his office. I need to drop by. Let him know we’re halfway to our goal. The knot in my stomach halfway untied
Dzieci is in the sanctuary. Passion play on the way.. 
Yes...we’re halfway there...

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