Monday, March 4, 2013

This one has been real

Early morning meeting to go the bank. Someone has come through. As a sign of confidence that we will come through. It is frustrating and exhausting living with your back against the wall...still out on the tightrope without any net...but just in the nick of time, one more time, we made it. 
Head downtown to midtown to talk with a couple who wants to get married.
Spend time with Marc editing sermons so that we can post  them. And also listening to some of the music from the open mic night. 
Get the service done in Friday for once so we can print it out right at the office, 
Look up and see Rachel and her daughter Nadia  have come into the church. It’s really good to see her. She’s one of the most vital 90 year olds I know. It's been really hard for her to be confined to her home after a series of falls and resulting dizziness. In our last conversation (last night) she told me her favorite work time was being in charge of the night nursing staff at a hospital. The wide variety of cases that would come in in the middle of the night. She and Nadia are off for a hair appointment. I’m very happy she came in. First time in a very long time. 
Cara’s stories of adventure coast to coast would fill a book, but they are for her to tell. She has become an essential part of the support system 
Martin and I are not finding the answer we are looking for.  Maybe one more phone call?
Zeljko returns tonight.
Stephen and  I put posters up around the building announcing a screening of Zeljko’s “I Will Marry the Whole Vilaage” for Sunday night.  Then we prepare the table and sanctuary for tomorrow morning. It’s good to have it all ready. Glen will bring the bread and juice tomorrow.
Meet Jane for coffee to catch her u to date. Then back to the church to work with her on an issue with one of her congregants. Use some of what I learned from the Mennonites. It actually works....

I look in on a great Saturday afternoon kids’ class Noche has going. Great mixed group of little ones. Exactly what we want. It’s so frustrating. Martin and I commiserating.

Thing is some visions are just that visions, good ideas, nothing concrete...but for the last eighteen months, this vision has bee real. Has actually been happening. The unexpected intersections of unlikely people. The intersecting of beauty and justice, ethics and aesthetics. And opportunities for theological reflection and spiritual exploration in everything. Money. Money...... 

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