Friday, March 22, 2013

Healing is a process


Back from a consultation with the Street Vendors Project. Another organizing effort to bring together workers from around the world at the base level of the New york City economic food chain. They  are literally from the four corners of the world. And today five languages are required. They’ve applied  for Presbyterian Self Development of Peoples Funds. I repeat the golden rule of organizing, (Thank you Saul) never do for anybody what they can do for themselves.I’m wondering how my antisweatshop friends might interact with the street vendors. Their organizing efforts are beginning to attract attention from street vendors internationally. From the grassiest of grass roots. Bottom up. Always. 

Street vendor leaders

The mumbling man has returned. This time with a bag of fresh soup and breads and..wants to feed us. But of course, on the side, he needs transportation money. I tell him I have none. And he is on his way.Cara picked up palms in the flower district. This Palm Sunday, the palms are her gift.

Sheryl, Occupier Dan's mom comes in along with her husband. Long day in court. Seems like it's all  heading to conclusion. Teddy's assault charge against Dan dropped. Which is what Teddy wanted. Finally plead guilty to one count of moving a barrier. Needs to serve one more day to be done. So it's off to Riker's. Sheryl is committed to crafting a cover for our baptismal font. That would be the most amazing tribute,to Dan..and that they would always be a part of this church. 

I met with Matt of Dzieci to work out details of Sunday’s Passion Play.

Go upstairs to have a chat with RL and call Stephen down to get the Internet up again.

Dzieci’s healing circle begins. I can only halfway enter in. Two of my people have come. I know their vulnerability. I know the healing circle's intensity. I need to make sure that my people are taken care of. I’m beginning to trust Matt. His sensitivity to those with mental illness. And Isis (I told her the story of the students from the school of Isis) and her awareness of who people are. I need to trust Matt to know when to bring someone out of the circle. To know the appropriate level of intimacy. And so I’m watching,  monitoring. But I too step into the center. Raise my voice, listen for harmonies. Feel the support, the care. But healing, at least for me, is not immediate. It’s a process. And will continue. Too much going on right now. 

Rehearsal for a Passion begins...

Outside, on the steps, Anna wants to introduce me to Jerry. But I know him. He lives with Anthony at Euclid Hall. Seems Anthony is dying. Of cancer. Loses it sometimes. Anna has a whole plan, but Jerry just wants to give Anthony some space. Time to get it back together. You’re a deacon, I told him, says Jerry. Anthony has devoted his life to Blessed Sacrament Church. May Francis I move beyond dogma and recognize the saintliness of people like Anthony. Gay people like Anthony. Do that. Then we can talk.

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