Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Remaining on the correct time


                                                  "Long Road Through Balkan History"

Last night at West- Park, the church  hosted Zeljko’s film The Long Road Through Balkan History. Two writers, Miljenko Jergovic from Croatia and Marko Vidojkovic from Serbia, share the driving in a Yugo across the former Yugoslavia with very different persepctives on their shared history. Once again, West-Park became a gathering place for the Serbian diaspora in New York as they joined church people and neighbors for the screening. In Zeljko’s understated style, the Balkan wars of the 1990’s become paradigms of nationalism and war’s absurdity anywhere. 

I remember in Pittsburgh. A Cadillac dealer. Special deal. Buy a Cadillac, get a Yugo for free....

As I prepare to leave Phoenix, I see a sign on the hotel desk:

Please be advised that tomorrow  at 2 AM the rest of the country will be changed to Daylight  Savings Time. The clocks in Arizona will remain on the correct time. 

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