Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time has arrived


Time to go down and meet Don at the Edison and catch up with him on his travels to China and the progress of his Disenchanted  play edging its way closer to off-Broadway. Just about this time last year he had his backer’s audition at West-Park, magiclally transforming the sanctuary into home for his Disney princesses in revolt.

Back at the office, all attention focused on tonight’s meeting with Presbytery officials. People at their respective offices working in budget revisions, economic long term strategies. Martin anxious to talk. We’re waiting for someone. And waiting. He’s got a meeting with agents to plan bookings.

I’m trying to focus and finish an overview of Vision, Context and Legacy for the West-Park church. Have to keep refocussing. Keeping narrow view. Concision. Finally get it done.

People arriving. Bringing their pieces. Jamie with the folders and the big stuff. yet one more time through the budget. Yes, we can just make it. We’re trying to collate. RL looks in, well, not a good time. He tips his hat, says Bye. A little while later, the seer, the crazy man with the cowboy hat and the intense eyes looks in. Can’t. Not now.... 
I’ve been sent to you by God....
Not now.
I thought you’d be free at tbe end of the day. 
Not this one.
I will return again. Thank you for your openness. God’s message awaits....
All right then.

Marsha goes out for coffee. Stephen brings sandwiches. Time for a run through. They like my overview. OK. Time to run down to 85 Copy and get it reproduced. Back again. The budget printout is too small. Now Jamie’s turn. Down and back. Now the final collating.
Marsha notices something. The wrong budget. Here we go again. 
Time is running short. Time to run out, grab cabs, head to 475. Time has arrived. 

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