Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Making instruments from garbage


Jack Kerouac bobblehead santo

A musician walks in. Drummer. Part of Justin’s band at the last open mic Amanda did. Fell in love with the place. Especially the chapel. He’s just finished recording an album with a group called A Brief view of the Hudson. 
                                                     A brief view of the Hudson

His real work is photography. He wants to do shootings in the chapel. Looking for subjects to sit for portraits. He’d love to shoot the dancers. For free.

He’s from Scotland. I tell him about my visits to Micah when he lived there. And how Micah was detained at the border for suspicion of attempting to enter the country with the intention of committing music. We go back to the chapel. Look at the word BLOOD seemingly coming through. I so want to see the rest of that quote. While I still can. 

RL comes in. With concerns about Chrisimodo, as he calls him. To count in RL’s book, he has to have given you a name. He asks about my Jack Kerouac bobble head. I tell him and he tells me about an early novel under the name John Kerouac. And I recall the enormous single paper roll on which he typed On the Road and the fantasy baseball game he created, as if it were a whole world to live in. Detailed descriptions of make believe games with well developed player characters..So Jack remains on my desk. His twin counterpart on my old friend Jack’s desk. 

Stephen and I put up signs for Theatre Dzieci’s upcoming Passion Play, this Sunday at West-Park at 11. And then we continue our search for the lost organ connection. Another box with AB on the outside gets us one step closer. But still not there.

I finish the day with RL and Poet Tim, who’s got a fresh new haircut. Getting closer to a real official opening of his studio. Tim shares an amazing video of children making instruments from garbage. The Land Fillharmonic Orchestra. There’s a metaphor there.

                                                               The Landfillharmonic

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