Monday, March 19, 2012

Twentyfirst day of Lent: St. Patrick's Day


American Spring

Wesley and Antonia are gathering up their  belongings as I pass by. Yo, Bob, Bob...I hear George calling my name and turn. George, good morning...
Yo,that Rafael, he still workin for you, he still your security man?
Them occupy people, they still there? Inside? 
I heard you in  the news. Say they steal something. Some sacred thing. Say you gonna kick their asses out....

Yeah, well, it’s more complicated than that. But a smaller group, still here. 
He’s not a good security man.
Those dope smokers, he tell them to move, they just laugh, go around the corner, smoke  some more...
Rasta Man’s gone, George...
The rasta man with the dreads..
Ain’t talking bout no Rasta Man . Talkin bout them young white mothafuckas. Them fools. They just laugh. Gone get us all arrested.  
That’s all over George. They’re gone. 
I’m tellin you, you need a new security guy. 
OK, George. Take care.
Inside, Don is inside working with Marc on sound issues for  his Wednesday night performance of’s looking good. 
Back outside, everything is quiet.  
Joe, KT, Pat
Tracy anf mark
The Bull
Late in the day, I come back from downtown, A day full of Occupy. Alternstive St.Patrick’s. Back to the roots. Meet at Zucotti. Mandola Joe and the Buskers. Silent procession.. Blessing potatoes. Funeral wreath at the bull. March to Battery Park. Adolfo from the Sweatshop Free speaks. Marc Greenburg from Interfaith Assembly speaks, Bob Coleman from Riverside Church. Rev. Mary Caliendo does her blessing, healing ritual. Then to the Irish Famine Memorial. Handing out potaotes to tourists, visitors. Back through the Zucotti circus. 

Walking along  Amsterdam on  my way to see Hugo and Arcadia. The NYPD Emerald Society Pipe and Drum Corps is marching in and out of the Irish bars. They stop. They play. Free drinks for the band. 
St. Patrick’s Day.

Organizer Jessica Hall and Bob

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