Thursday, March 1, 2012

The fourth, and fifth, days in Lent: planning

Uli walks with me down to the church. Last night, the occcupiers had given him two shirts to take back to Germany and he had left them in the sanctury. One was the whole world is watching and the other was an Occupy West-Park Coop shirt. Uli will be leaving soon to visit his relatives in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Much of Danielle and my work is devoted to trying to wrap up the details of the contract being prepared for Noche Flamenco and all the information that has to be gathered together for tonight’s Center   meeting. 
Rose is in and out working on the business of the Coop. Annah has come to check out the basement, the old God’s Love We Deliver kitchen,  to see if it might have possibilities as a bakery. John H is here to set up his next installment of his Dark Lady Players project, this time focusing in on the Anunciation.  
Outside on the steps, there is an entire container of barbecue chicken. One piece has been eaten.
Back from midtown and a conversation with Jane and Ingrid and Marsha and Danielle about where we go next together. Wrestling with the challenge of looking at the whole building as a jigsaw puzzle and trying to figure out what pieces need to fit in where to make it all work.  
Amanda is back. Teddy is happy to see her. Soon we’re engaged in a  meeting to plan the M17/18 actions. The necessity of going to the Irish famine memorial, permit or no. Teddy wants to lay a wreath for his people. It was the famine that brought them to New York City. I say that the occasion demands that this be done. The leadership of this event appreciates my ability to articulate the meaning of the alternative march, the original focus of St. Patrick’s Day as an expression, a claim of dignity by an exploited immigrant group. And how hunger continues to be a political tool. They want me to speak at the event.  And everyone still wants to see the weekend end with a celebration at West-Park. 
Amanda meets Rafael for the first time. Rafael is wanting to set a time for the coop to move out of West-Park. There are some interal debates going on as to where all this is or could be headed.  

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