Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The eleventh day in Lent: Social, not political; Bavaria not Berlin

The companion of the man with the cans has arrived on the steps early. She’s got a little boom box, playing music. Not sure what to say. She’s not alseep.
Danielle and I join in a conference call to discuss upcoming proposals for events with the Center Program Committee. We need to get far enough ahead to publish an actual program calendar, plan an actual season. Need to break out of the relentless present. 
I find Max sitting in the sanctuary. He’s been visiting with Danielle with ideas. He joined #ows as a social movement. For him, it’s become primarily a political movement. He wants to recover the social dimension. Has some ideas. He and Danielle were interviewed by a German TV crew. I think of Micah. But this crew was from Bavaria, not Berlin. 
Rose approaches me. Wants to know if now that it’s dark, the doors are closed,  if the man with his cans and his companion can be on the steps. Yes, I say. That’s what I thought, she says. Outside, they have massive amounts of stuff. Giant stufffed suitcases and all. This is turning into an issue. This will not work. 

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