Sunday, March 25, 2012

Twentysixth day of Lent: There's a reason for that

Much of the day spent in negotiating, form filling out, etc. An older retired FDNY guy does a conditions inspection. He is warm and friendly. I notice from his card he’s got a phd and at least one masters degree. He also comes to check out my apartment.
Teddy lets me know today is (quiet) Chris’ birthday. means more to me because today is my own son Nate's birthday. We head up Amsterdam for a late lunch and conversation with Chris.  I learn for the first time of his efforts to gain an mfa in filmmaking, his growing up in NYC backyard Coneecticut, the perils of student loans. (One article Iread inidcated that the student loan crisis in the  US is  every bit as dangerous as the mortgage crisis.) He’s got skills and talents yet to be fully realized. Need to work on this.
Much to my serious disappointmnet,  I learn we have lost Noche Flamenco, at least for now.  Tough to specuate exactly why. Of course we’ll miss the  money, but the real hurt goes deeper. 
By 4:59 we have resolved our issues. Another inspector comes for a tour. The same questions over and over again.
I go to a meeting of the session at Hugo and Arcadia’s to review the week’s events. On the way back to church I run into Poet Tim and RL on Amsterdam and share a few words. 
Back at the church, there’ a fire safety group hard at work. And a surpise party plnned for (quiet) Chris. Steve will order a pizza, a cake is also on its way. Chris (quiet)  will be surprised. I half-joke about all the questiions they raise these days.  Like do we have a policy forbidding a single adult from being alone with a chld under 16. I say, thinking of our people, so what if its an aunt with her niece?
One of the women responds, slowly, firmly, grounded....there’s a reason for that...she uncle, my own uncle...then she gets silent. There’s a reason for that.  My ....look, it’s happened to so many of us, you think it happens to everybody. Almost think it's normal. . Anyways, there’s a reason for that.
We eart the pizza. Cut hte cake...sing happy birthday , Chris.... a lot of work left to do. It’s been a long week.

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