Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sixteenth day of Lent: Plastic Jesus

I’ m late for my meeting with Sekou. But when I get there, he’s sitting at the piano, playing his song. Quiet, bluesy. Teddy and Steve are lisenting. Steve has already opened u the conversation I hoped would happen. There’s marchers who need training in non-violent action. Sekou wants to create a place where that training can take place. He’s very clear he’s got no desire for vanity arrests. And neither do I. Not for photo ops. Not for raves. it’s got to be serious. 
We go back to my office to talk. About tomorrow’s meeting. About creating a congregation around word, worship, witness. And how some of my folks see that as the same congregation. The vision is very close.
Have to run to see my friend Pastor Elise. Talk about her dissertation. The Virgin Mary and popular imagination are in there at the center. 
Before the day is over, I’ll send her these words and a Youtube of Paul Newman singing in Cool Hand Luke:

I don’t care if it rains or freezes
Long as I got my plastic Jesus
Ridin on hte dashboard of my car
Comes in colors pink and pleasant 
Glows in the dark cause he’s irridescent
Take him with you when you travel far.
Get yourself a sweet madonna
Dressed in rhinestones sittin onna 
Pedestal of abalone shell
Drivin 90 I ain’t scary 
Long as I got the Virgin Mary 
Assurin me that I won’t go to hell .
Then I’ll go see Councilmember Brewer. Remind her of the promised 20 mmillion still waiting to materialize. My need for a new lawyer. And a community advisory committee to take charge of the restration project. The clock is ticking. 
Then I’ll go back ot the church. Answer some phone calls. Try to talk with the mother of the young man we had to remove last night. Try to come up with a plan. Hear Steve playing the piano. Then go home. Enough.

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