Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Twelfth day of Lent: A fine knit cap, a fountain in Poland

Getting my morning coffee at Barney Geeengrass, one of the workers leans over across the counter.  Wants to discuss a personal issue. It feels good to know our pastoral presence makes a connection through daily coffees. Neighbors. 
The bag on the steps is from a high end neighborhood steak house. Inside there is a fine  knit blue and white cap. It will be gone within an hour. An umbrella has been placed on a ledge near the door.
As Danielle and I are catching up, there is music coming from the sanctuary. A young woman is at the piano. I tell her I thought I heard original music. She smiles, shy. Says that she works at a doctor’s office down the street and likes to stop in and play. I tell her about the open mic night we just had. She says she’s actually into musical theatre. I tell her about Matthew and his play. Invite her to come to us with dreams and ideas. And then leave her to continue working on her music.
Luli comes by anxious about the Noche Flamenco contract. We just got their revisions. Need to run them by our attorney. Our session. But I too want to get this settled and locked up. She has brought their architect back for another look.
A woman is in the  church praying. On her way out, she stops to say hello to Danielle and I. Danielle tells me she stops by often. She’s from Poland. And has a deep devotion to the Virgin Mary and a healing fountain that is there. 

People working on their original music. People praying. That is why I want our office at the front. Why I never want to go back to a side door buzzer system again. The back and forth flow, money or no, keeps the place living.
I thank Marc for his work on the Open Mic last Friday. He tells me that with more advance notice, he could have had more artists there. There are musicians around, just lookig for a venue. He’d like to set up a shop. Maybe a mini recording studio. I tell him I”m still having trouble with my mini recording device.  
It’s time for me to head to Newark to teach Liberation Theology again.

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