Saturday, March 24, 2012

Twentyfifth day of Lent: Shaping a lifetime of commitment

Antonia and Wesley are a bit slow getting up today. I’m surprised to find Gary asleep on the steps. Gary, what are you doing here? Where’s your friend Anthony? He tells me Anthony is in the hospital. And that his own feet are frozen. I ask if he wants me to call 911, he declines. Always seems to be so lost without Anthony. 
Eugenia asks me about our involvement with Occupy Wall Street. She’s Gertrude’s daughter, who just turned 102. She’s hear to talk about final arrangements for her mom, though nothing’s imminent. At 102, you should be ready. But what impresses me is how much about Eugenia I haven’t known. Her commitment to progressive causes. Lifelong. She came here for the OWS Town Square. She’s worked with Sekou in United for Peace and Justice and respects his work.  She’s completely appalled at the current crop of candidates and the seeming assault on women, a fight we thought was over. (It’s never over.) She’s looking forward to our evening with Sekou and West coming up. 
But I’m also going through all the years I’ve known Gertrude, the changes in the congregation. Successes. Failures. Losses. The years she was at Village  Care on 46th and 10th, an assisted living facility filled with vital, alert, feisty people. Their Friday afternoon Happy Hours and theme parties. How frustrating it has been to try and get up to see her in Bronx. 
A musician has come in  to check out the acoustics.
Jason is helping out with research on our project. Rafael and Teddy just ready to do whatever is necessary. 
I’m mainly thinking about Eugenia. How growing up in this church helped shape values, a lifetime of commitment. My hope is we can continue to provide that kind of experience.  

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