Saturday, March 24, 2012

Twenty-ourth day of Lent: Disenchanted


All energy is focused on getting the church ready for tonight’s reading of Don’s new musical, Disenchanted. Piano Dan is finishing the piano tuning. The risers are going up. Lights being checked out. Director Fiely Matias ready to get his cast comfortable with the space and ready to perform.
Rafael and Chris are working security, making sure no one else comes in while the show is getting ready.I’m out side with Chris when Anna comes by with her little dog. I’m very impressed with the care and compasssion in how he interacts with her. 
Rose and Requiem are leaving to take the bus up to stay wih Rose’s family in the Berkshires. Strange, but I feel choked up watching them get ready to leave. I will miss them.
I have to head downtown for a court appearance. When I get back, Danielle and I continue to work on our project. Just enough time to head home and change bfore Don’s show. 
Don is doing a staged reading of his show, Disenchanted, as a sort of backer’s audition, seeking financial support for a possible off-Broadway production. This play imagines that the princesses from the Disney movie-themepark world have gathered to protest thier treatment by popculture. 
I’m amazed at the transformation of the church, so quickly accomplished. Stars twinkling magically on the ceiling. A raised stage with a black curtain. The house is packed. There is that hoped for excietment of anticipation feeling. I welcome the house and invite them to Dream. Real. our slogan.
The director has worked in  some clever bits acknowledging that they're playing this in a church. Like when at the beginning, Sleeping Beauty snaps her fingers and the lighted Tiffany window goes dark. It’s all  clever and funny, with a point. Chris remarks that he’s got three daughters and it reminded him how these beloved stories shape self-image of little girls. The best song is probably Pocahontas, the only real character in the play. Exploring the difference between her historical images and the cartoon sexualized innocent vixen of pop culture. 
The evening is a success. Don is happy. As work is being wrapped up, Don brings in a six pack for the crew and we stop and enjoy a German beer. I’m glad we could make this happen.That against some tough odds, it all worked out. 

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