Sunday, March 4, 2012

The seventh day of Lent: With a circleof baby carrots on top

Mim has come by for a conversation to see how the Center Board could be more helpful in working on structures to make our communication better and our work more efficient. She continues to bring a crtical amd caring eye to what we are doing helping keep the bigger picture in mind while Danielle and I are often caught up in the demands of the immediate.
John H has brought Melissa for a grand tour. Melissa is the fromer director of the Galapagos performance space, a space in DUMBO (the neighborhood under the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges) that features among other things, new music, both classical and jazz. A few months ago, I was there to see my friend Greg’s duo Due East and their CD release party. I was amazed seeing a full house audience in a renovated warehouse setting in rapt attention for both Greg and the first performance of a new requiem. (Not the West-Park occupier.) As expected, Melissa is taken by the space and its possibilities. 
Martin Bard and the Times Square Playwrights are finishing rehearsals for their performance tomorrow night.  Hope has come by to do anything needed and Amanda is there, too. 
There seems to be a situation developing on the steps. A man with a large bag of bottles and cans is stretched out in the south doorway, his female companion nearby. I tell hm he can’t be there during the day, especailly with all that stuff.  He starts an argument, you know, the rain and all. I waver a bit, it is raining hard. But have mixed feelings. 
An expected meeting will not be taking place. Amanda and I will stop and chat with RL on the way to see Mandola Joe and his Original Buskers. 
The man with the cans has moved on. In his place is a fresh pizza. With a circle of baby carrots on top. 

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