Friday, March 16, 2012

NIneteenth, Twentieth days of Lent: I think I see the UPS truck

There has been anxiety building up because the one who used to live here, who had to leave last Friday night, has been announcing that he was going to crucify himself in Zucotti Park today. Teddy tells me that he’s been arrrested again so that there’s no need to worry. 
As she always does when she comes, Mim brings sandwiches for Danielle and I for our meeting. In addition to her steady, thoughtful leadership of the Center Board, there is a genuine care and concern for us as staff, as people, that helps keep us going.
KIngdom Come is rounding into shape. Hope has come because I had announced that today was the day for te open rehearsal. I was one week early.  Two visitors come in, listen briefly to the music, the voices, go back out again.
As I’m stepping out for a moment,Luli comes in. She’s very concerned at the time it is taking to finish our contract. I’ll be meeting my attorney to talk about that tomorrow morning. John H wants to know if we really understand Melissa’s proposal about potentially booking. 
Requiem, Rose and Chris want me to come see what they’ve been up to. They have completely cleaned up the basement room that hasn’t been used since theHalloween party.  They’re almost ready to start their silkscreen business. All they need are the shirts, coming courtey of Riverside Church. 

My good friend Beppe stops in . We’ll be going to dinner down the street.  I show him pictures of both the open mic night and the occupocalypse.  Introduce him to Jane and Tia who are in their office. Take him downstairs to see the silkscreen shop. He says the church reminds him of a place in Italy where his radical theatre group rehearsed, back in the day.
When we come back after dinner, he tells me how, well, happy, I seem to be in my work. And I’ll say that’s true.  I am. 
Walking up Amsterdam, all the doorways of the church are filled tonight. 
Chris and Rose are anxiously awaiting the UPS truck and the delivery of the shirts. I love their sense of excitement.  
Steve is concerned about the amount of stuff that Wesley and Antonia are now dragging in. It’s hard enough to get them up in te morning, but it takes them forever to dismantle thei stuff. I need to call Reachout and see what the story is. 
Mary and Jessica are setting up for the Free Clinc that’s now open two nights a week. Staffed by the National Nurses Union and Physicians for Single Payer, it’s somethin g we have been wanting to do for a long time. Later at the Center meeting, Ted will say that he encourages new arts grous to include service, especially clinics, in thier models.
As I’m heading out to go to the Center meeting, Chris shouts excitedly, I think I see the UPS truck...just down the street!

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