Saturday, January 24, 2015

Creativity and a leg up

Jed Distler is a long time friend. For a solid year, back in the day, he was in residence at West-Park with Katherine and I turning out amazing liturgical explorations, especially with texts from the so-called gnostic gospels. And when we reopened, he was a major player in our concert for Andre, June of 2011.(Read this, it's important to remember: ) He’s part of the new music scene, colleagues with Milica, Carman, Jon Deak and Ralph. He’s ready to do a series here again . And interested in something special for Make Music New York. It’s great to think about working with Jed again.
Just as Jed was entering, a tall lanky guy, from  Texas, he says, comes looking  for help. Was here for his mother in the hospital. Has teeth issues (I can relate.) And starts rolling up his pants to show me his leg. Why, oh why do they do that?  Been to other churches. They tell him to come see us. I sigh. Say none of us keep money. Just can’t. Anything you get is personal. Just need $15 for my ticket , he says. He reaches for his pants leg again. I give him all I’ve got. Now I’ll have to go beg some more…he says. I say, Look at me…that’s all I’ve got…Bless you, man…that is all…
Thank you, God bless you, he says. And God bless you, I say.
 David L and Rachel are in to check out Mc Alpin. She’s got a birthday party scheduled for Saturday night. They come back amazed at how much work has been done up there. Amazes me, too.
Ryan is briefing me on social media. He’s worked out a pretty good strategy. But unfortunately is working full time and no table to do it. His partner Sam, however, just maybe…
The Dzieci are gathering in the sanctuary. The Open Choir heading to the gym. I’m on my way downtown to see Russ’ play at La Mama, Cedars…all I know is that it has a Native American theme. Even though I give myself an hour for a 30 minute trip, two unexpected subway delays leave me 15 minutes late. No late seating. None. So I’m screwed. Make the long trek back from the East Village to the Upper West Side.
There’s a Grotowski confluence of Dzieci and Work Center Open Choir people, all leaving the building and out to the sidewalk at the same time. Mario, as always lingering for conversation inside. Time to wrap up. Close the doors. Go home.

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