Wednesday, January 28, 2015

People take care of you

RL welcomes Kristen-Leigh

Our new bookkeeper, Pat O and Marsha and I start the day with a conference call with Nan to answer questions about the year end 1024 financials so that we can set an appropriate budget for 2015.
Boxer Mike with his Dalmatian, Blueberry,  has finally written up a proposal requesting just a space to hang up a bag to do something for the kids. He’s been asking to do this for years. He does have an out door informal program for the kids. I wish it were that easy. But an official program for kids and boxing, even without actual punches being thrown at each other, gets into issues of liability and security clearance and…especially with kids.. There’s also the issue of the demand for space use. Hey I know about how you need money, he says, but believe me, I know. But word gets out, you doin something good for the kids, people take care of you…you’ll be ok… I wish it were that easy…Mike’s a two time golden glove winner, taken a lot of punches but generally respected in the neighborhood. Another of our Capital Hall contingent.
Ann F of the Landmark Conservancy and Dan A our architect are meeting with us to determine what part of our project and how the conservancy can help us. Looks like we’re talking about a study to see what it would cost to get an alt1 status, that is beyond the grandfather clause we live under and  move to a higher level of the DOB. Ann and  the Conservancy have been supportive since  the start.
TK has brought an artist, Marco, to discuss a performance in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Beginning in May.   I’m glad that we’ve become a center for this. A good follow-up to last August.  
Good conversation with Sam G…the Shakespeare Jam guy… about helping  us produce a Shakespeare’s sonnet marathon at the end of his 450th birthday year. We’d get every group who has performed here   to join in in whatever way that made sense to them.
Great conversation with Kristen Leigh—(separate post coming.)
Dion stands up
Another good Open Mic night. Newcomers Tom Di Mena
Tom DiMena
and  Joe’s friend Adam Silver
Adam SIlver
deliver solid sets. Peter Pan still working on his neoborscht belt shtick.
Pater Pan
Mandola Joe with an acapella night with a shout out for Robert Burns, two nights before his birthday,
Pat O is sharpening his act for the next stop on his Great Open Mic Tour of 2015,
Pat O'Connell
and of course Joel Gold,as always opens the eyes wide for anyone who’s never heard him before. And Dion opened with his own warm hearted standup. 
Joel Gold
Regular Davids Lyons
David Lyons
and Smythe back and the brilliant young Jeremy Parker is back again as well. 
Polished Kosi is back to work on some new material for her upcoming shows. ( She’s got some serious touring ahead.
Kosi sings
My greatest pleasure  I shaving Kristen Leigh with us.
Kristen Leigh 
She was part of Amanda’s Bridge concert series back inn2011 ( and then the Balcony Music Festival then her own Songs in the Key of Redemption concert on a snowy winter’s night. ( She does a solid set on guitar and piano.
..and the piano
Then joins me and Pat on my Queen... song and Ripple.... It’s a joy to share music with her.
Bob and Kristen Leigh

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