Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Driving, as hard as the rain


There is a giant, stretch limo size shopping cart in front of the church, overflowing with junk, tied to a scaffolding post. A round mustachioed Latino man with a gypsy look is going through it. I try to explain that this is not a good idea and that he will have to leave. He points at the steadily falling cold rain and asks why? Because  I get tired of being the only place on the street with giant shopping carts anchored to it? Because it scares away neighbors? Renters? The burden of my questions tires me.

He'd been sleeping outside and Leila invited him in. He was just coming outside to check on things.

Inside Geoffrey is back and stretched out sleeping. It’s warm and dry in here. As ETHEL continues with their hard driving chamber music, as hard as the rain, Geoffrey and our new friend are enjoying a great concert.

Late in the day, the Riverside Orchestra is arriving for their rehearsal and soon the Open Choir will be here too.


The freezing cold continues. Arctic vortex? I ask RL. No, that’s coming next week.

Marina and Noche's ballet teacher are working on some things related to Antigona. They're showcasing it this week at the far end of 42nd Street. looking for bookings. No flamenco company has ever done anything like this before. 

Monica, our new accountant, who also does the books for the West Side Campaign Against Hunger down the street at SPSA ,comes by to get acquainted.

I’ve got David S set to work to restore our kneelers, the pieces to which we have just recovered.

Aaron of Broadway Bound Kids wants to discuss a possible summer program for children.

Revs. An and Lee of the Korean church continue our conversation about the possibility of their moving in with us. They are serious and seeking to be sensitive to our concerns. Their organization, size and determination is almost overwhelming.

RL comes by to pick me up to go to his luthier. It’s time to rehab my 45 year old Epiphone, though stepping outside to get there is almost too much.

I’ve been invited to an organizing meeting for a Radical Aging Movement. Guess I’m part of a new constituency now. I will remind them of the Gray Panthers whose New York office was at West-Park, back in the day.

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