Thursday, January 22, 2015

He was a good neighbor

 The day begins with a visit from Susan M from Goddard-Riverside and one of her colleagues..  She’s here to talk about our hosting an  event in  this year’s Big Read, where everyone in a community reads the same book and there are various events to explore the book’s themes and share our learnings.  This year’s book is The Beautiful Tkings That Heaven bears by Dinaw Mengestu. The book is a door to get onto other issues like gentrification specifically and  the immigrant experience generally . Of course we agree to host an event. Task is now, what would make that participation our event, expressing our own unique identity
Then day ends with the coffee and piano man bringing me a fresh cup and stopping for a chat before he begins his play. He’s got some ideas about selling air rights. I explain all there is to know about that idea. And he seems really taken buy the Open Mic,  but concerned abut his style. I explain that this is not something to worry about, just come on and join in. When  he’s finished and ready to go, he brings his wife in, introduces her. And then onto the cold.
Outside, in the freezing cold, waiting for a bus is my neighbor of 20 years, Stuart. He’s still at the old People alway moving  in and out, changing.Security guards changing,. He was a good neighbor. Never missed the annual interfaith Thanksgiving  eve service at SPSA
ETHEL’s music is  filling the sanctuary.                     
Thee are two people on the pews, praying. And of course Geoffrey snoring.
An Asian woman come s buy looking for Berik’s art show.Is she an aspiring renter?
Carman Mooors comes in, still buzzing about Christmas Eve (as are we). Lotte will be here February 1. For recording. And then later they’ll be on tour with Girl from Diamond Mountain, which they premiered here at SWest-Park. Can they do a 
And of course, Geoffrey is snoring.


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