Thursday, January 1, 2015

The 7th day of Christmas: New Year's Eve. There is only one God.


The West-Park Singers, Crafts Festival and Balcony Music Festival 2010, in honor of Samir Elias

Fred used to sing with Samir’s weekly choir. They’d gather every Thursday to sing hymns, popular songs, Samir’s originals. Once a year, he’d have them do a concert. Fred has not been here since the Crafts and  Musical Festival in 2010 that ended with Samir’s old choir singing from the balcony. O Holy Night….In Samir’s memory. Maybe they could get back together again? They too, were a seed group, a community within the larger community. Fred has been saving pennies. And silver dollars. And would like to donate them to the church. And wish us a Happy New Year.

Luli has come to visit Martin who is hard at work clearing out his old office so that Jerry’s crew can have access and start work there. Later, Martin and I will talk about making a long term commitment to each other. What that might mean. And our various family Christmas and New Year’s traditions. I can imagine the warmth and vitality of a flamenco celebration.

Mim and I are going out for lunch. To review the year. Bring her up to  date on the reconstruction, conversations with Noche, other possibilities…

A woman is sitting quietly and praying.

Later, there’s only Geoffrey. He’s awake. And back into full prophet mode. After a long stream of glossolalia, I begin to make out what he is saying. Praisegopraisegodpraisegodpraiseogfeedmelordfeedmelordfeedmelordfeeedmelordthereisonlyonegodthereisonlyonegodthereisonlyonegodthereisonlyonegod…

Pat O says He’s singing your praises.
What ?
Singing your praises, there is only one Bob.
Ah no Pat, there is only one God

It’s New Year’s Eve.
                                                                      * * * * 

To all our friends around the world, Happy New Year. May 2015 bring us closer to a more just, humane and sustainable world.  Bend the arc....

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