Thursday, January 8, 2015

Old Christmas:Hristos se rodi. Vastinu se rodi.


All this day has to offer is Pat O and plumbing problems and Geoffrey back again. But in this weather, who can blame him? He sits at a table, writing  long passages, all in caps.

It’s old Christmas. Russian Christmas. Serbian Christmas. It is arctic cold. On the streets, Russian fur hats a are ubiquitous. Three in Dunkin’ Donuts alone.

David S still following internet circuits around.

RL has his Christmas present for me. A canvas gig bag so that I can carry my guitar on my back to gigs. An oyster pick up and plug in post so that I can amplify my guitar. And an appointment with his luthier so I can recondition my 45 year old Epiphone (like Epiphany) and play my own guitar in shows once again, a circle complete.

Text messages are traded:
Hristos se rodi
Vaistinu se rodi

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