Monday, January 5, 2015

The 9th day of Christmas: A new year begins


Pat O and the daily check in with the construction guys.

Jeremy M and I reviewing the music for Sunday’s Epiphany service celebrating the visit of the Wise Men, the Three Kings…the Magi…who also happen to be Jeremy’s band. There’s a listening party going on in the gym, (  a preview of a sound calendar, a sound a day recorded for a year...) so the Magi have moved their rehearsal down to the sanctuary. Dan arrives to go to dinner with me and we stop to listen to the rehearsal awhile. Jeremy and the Magi playing tomorrow night at the Living Room in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with our old friend from Occupy, Catherine Feeny ( who met Jeremy at her concert at West-Park two years ago when she was back in the city for a court date. Jeremy’s also celebrating the release of his new music video.

Anna has a few issues and concerns and Blueberry the dog with her. Ready for Open Mic.
Anna's insights

But first….because of construction, Open Mic is changed to the sanctuary so Dan and I are running errands and moving things around for RL so the show can go on.  First up is Wayne Johnson.
Wayne sings with joy
It’s been a long time since he’s been here. He’s got a story. A lot’s happened. But his tenor is high and strong. And he opens with a moving…and joyful…Joyful, Joyful we adore Thee… keeping the Christmas spirit going.  Next up is Anna with her reflections on strange goings on of the Internet.  Steve B has his last set before heading out for a Florida vacation.
Steve B at the piano
He hangs in to do another improvisatory set with Joel Gold. David Lyons shows how much he’s grown with a confident set.
David Lyons with confidence
It seems to be spoken word unchained tonight with our own Dion, the self-styled King of the Open Mic,Peter Pan
He calls himself Peter Pan
and the sui generis stylings of James.
Happily, RL steps in breaks up the stream of words with his own songs.  Mandola Joe has a wonderful eons spanning Kipling poem for us.
Mandola Joe

And Pat O is ever expanding what he does with his pedal board taking his acoustic guitar to ever new places.
The magic pedals

I go back to all originals for my set, including Lonely Hearts, actually a hopeful song, and then  two Pittsburgh songs, my Queen…song played on a  strumstick (This time I win) and finish with spending time with you.

Mostly there’s a sound  in tne sanctuary you just don't get anywhere else. Nice, round  and full.

There’s no way to end except with Stay Awhile. A new year has begun.

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