Monday, January 19, 2015

More of the pieces


Come to church after talking through our Martin Luther King, Jr. march for this year. What the messaging  will be. Some are urging us to urge the community to move on, not create more divisions. Suggest out progressive mayor and his police commissioner are the best opportunity in years to make things better and that these things take time. Cultural change is not easy…Others believe that our community needs to hear a clear and distinct word. And what is that word? An earlier meeting at breakfast about a Harlem march showed that we’re still looking  for a demand as simple and clear as the voting rights  act was for Dr. King. We don’t have that yet.

Pat O checking out the daily developments on the reconstruction project.

An odd couple wanders in. And back out again. Only seeking a rest room.


Jed C represents a new food justice project called Farmigo. In short, an online farmer’s market. We had tried a farmers' market before, but had trouble bringing it back. There are also CSAs (community supported agriculture) projects in the neighborhood that bring fresh food direct from the farmers. But these require an upfront membership, the buying of shares and a volunteer  infrastructure of pledged hours and a fairly labor intensive distribution process. Jed’s project allows you to order only what you want48 hours in advance and get only what you want individually bagged. All you have to do is pick it up in a two hour window once a week. Sounds pretty good to me. We’d need an organizer. And we’d get 10% of all sales as a distribution site. I’d definitely like to do this. ( Seems like a good follow up to our previous food justice effort. 

Pat O helps me get the agenda for the center meeting ready and we start again on our weekly check in on our to do list.

Jeremy and I take a look at what we want to do for Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday service. And I’m developing a plan for an epiphany season of enlighten. I do enjoy working with him. With this the 50th anniversary year of the Selma to Montgomery march and the movie Selma now out, instead of the I have a dream speech, this year we’ll do the speech at the end of the Selma march, How long? Not long…(

As the Center is gathering, Jeremy G, Lloyd and one other Open Choir member join us and share both what the choir has been doing and what the next public conversation will be. Following up on the performance and the sacred conversation, but adding the issue of community building to the mix.  Which as Jeremy says, is something that I urged them to. I'd like the Center to be listed as a partner. Some people begin to see that West-Park has already become a place where ideas are nurtured and turned into reality, especially in the  arts. (Dream.Real. Hard .as we say...)We need to make our resume concrete and explicit and figure out how to get the word out..

As always, the pieces are there….

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