Thursday, June 6, 2013

The missing, the empty place doesn’t go away


Things outside, on the steps, have definitely deteriorated since Sergeant Keith went AWOL. I struggle with the sweeping, cursing the missing dustpan. As I search the building for it, I notice more and more places of regression. And feel depressed. An dit’s up to me to clean up whee Sean was. A black rubber gloves day for the blasted cardboard and jeans. Enough.

At least the soothing sounds of Ethel are filtering down from Mc Alpin. 

Nate’s friends Chris and Kelly Ann arrive. I give them the full tour. They are creating their own business in Seattle for musical events, so I tell them the whole Red Bull story.  And show them all our performing spaces, Chris taking photos everywhere. He’s especially taken by some of the acrylic work in Berik’s current exhibition. 

It’s Nate’s idea that we eat at Barney Greengrass so I take the in and give them the tour, including all the celebrity photos. And Chris orders some of the paper thin, melt in your mouth sturgeon while Kelly orders my favorite, the pastrami salmon. (They’re living inSeattle, they know salmon...)

While I was giving them the tour, I noticed that Beard Papa had parked himself in the chapel and was playing the piano.  Hmmm not supposed to be in this building...later Martin will tell me he escorted him out. 

Stephen brings Judy W in. She’d noticed the door open and came in. Back in the day, My predecessor Bob Davidson’s day, in fact, she ran an AIDS program here at West- Park. I told her how Bob had died of a broken heart, losing his wife then his vision after a career of groundbreaking witness. 

RL comes in, looking wan after a bad day of heat and sun. 

A couple from San Francisco who loves old churches comes in and I give them my usual tour. And yes, there is still a church here. 

During our strategy session yesterday, Jeremy G of Alive Wire Theatre looked in. He and Danielle have been talking about new project. He had been completely shocked to hear about Teddy.

here is the exchange f e-mails between Danielle and Jeremy:

Hi Jeremy,

It was lovely to see you again yesterday. I just reminded Bob about our meeting on Monday and told him a little about our conversation. He looked at the festival brochure and would really like to see your piece tomorrow, if possible.

I've also been wanting to send you some of Bob's blog posts around Teddy's death since we talked. It is hard to accept that a person with so much personality can cease to be in the present. Maybe these things will help as you think about all this. Here is a post about the day he died, the clip of his interview with the filmmaker and a post about his memorial service

On a happier note, break a leg tomorrow! Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week.


Thank you for your note and particularly for sending the links. I'd actually found the blog post last night -- it was tough to read; Bob is a very good writer. It was strong. I actually sent it to the You Will Make A Difference team along with the word of Teddy's passing and received some sweet notes from them. It's amazing how someone with whom one spends as little time as I did with Teddy can feel so touched by those moments of interaction, isn't it? I learned a lot from him.


The missing, the empty place doen’t go away. 

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