Friday, June 7, 2013

Heart to Heart


Back from a morning in court over a Department of Buildings violation. Won’t try to think about who might have instigated that and why. And the New York City Labor Religion Coalition breakfast. Head spinning with thoughts as to how that might become more central to our life. Most workers belong to a community of faith. And most communities of faith have workers in the congregation. We need to make this not about issues but relationships. Help to support and sustain people in  their lives. And exegete their daily lives and struggles. And have our advocacy grow out of that. I remember the church across from the steel mill in Duisberg, Germany. Their every Monday night political worship, where the steel workers came to reflect on their lives and work.

Martin and  Stephen. The discussions continue.  

Sounds of Ethel coming down from McAlpin. Wish they were still right above me. 

Cara is busy helping me with the sweeping. We found the long handled dust pan. Celebrate any victory.

Over on Broadway I see Sean at a phone booth. Hope he’s making a connection. Finding a place.

Day’s coming to an end . Ralph from Ethel coming down from locking up their instruments for the day. Tell him I miss them upstairs. He tells me that they like McAlpin. Good to rehearse surrounded by art. We talk about Berik’s work. How the Private Theatre  that did their own adaption of Strindberg’s Playing With Fire last summer used Berik’s work for their teaser video.
Berik's work. Russian genre?
 Ralph talks about how this falls into a certain Russian genre and I recall that though a Kazakh, Berik shows in Moscow one or two times a year. Ralph’s favorite is one with  Peter Pan feel.
Ralph's favorite

Dzieci has arrived. Turning down the lights for their weekly meeting.

I’m on my way to Williamsburg to see Alive Wire’s Jeremy and Scott in their own productions in the SOAK Festival at the Leimay performance space the CAVE, down by the water.

But as I step onto 86th Street, I see Isis. She greets me, we hug. These says, no heart to heart, and I’m amazed. Alive all these years and I never noticed the hug that brings you heart to heart. As I”m pondering this, I hear a voice.

Hey, do I get one too? And it’s Katherine, my long time colleague and Center collaborator. Yes you do, Kathrine. Yes you do. But I  can’t remember if it was heart to heart. 

Berik's ballerina

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