Thursday, June 20, 2013

Quiet for a change


Leftovers...Fathers’ Day...last Saturday, the day before Fathers’ Day, barney Greengrass was all abuzz. Like a Jewish holiday...I ask Gary, so is all this about Fathers’ Day? He nods, smiles. We deserve some  recognition, no? Me being a father, my children, that’s my he shows me his pictures. I show him mine....And on Sunday, when I stopped in,  we saluted  each other as fathers.

RL wants me to make clear, when Mr. Blue was living on the rooftop, he was living in a large container box, not a penthouse. And no, Mr. Blue would not be texting someone while sitting in a bar talking to someone else...

                   * * * *

Long, emotional, important conversation between Jamie and Stephen and I about where we are and what decisions we face.  What keeps us together is a shared dream.  

Luli comes in wanting to know if anyone needs the queen size bed she wants to get rid of. Not right now, though my queen size blow up has deflated....

Jeremy comes in. We talk about Friday’s Make Music New York concert on the steps. And the follow up open mic. Martin is working hard to get all his stuff out to get ready for Friday night’s open mic in the chapel. 

Marc is happy to do whatever sound we need on Friday and looking forward to maybe playing at the open mic. 

RL and David S are working on RL”s studio and prep for Friday night’s open mic, we’re all getting behind it...

Late afternoon the strange young man engages me in conversation. Tries to explain how he’s just down on his luck. College educated. Will get it back together? When are services? He looks straight, what’s he doing here? And I realize the space between where I am right now and where he/they are is very thin indeed. Very thin.

Long conference call re. present options. Crunch time coming. Soon. May already be here. We choose to keep all options open strategy. What they call punting. But the stress pushes my heartbeat up. Bottom line, I won’t sign what I don’t believe in. Time to go to RL's studio,. See what he's been working on. Let my heart slow down. Would I like an ice cold Stella?  Yes.

I head home to go to the Yankee-Dodger game with Ric. My neighbor and attorney. After the Yankees go down, I head back to the office. See los Rodriguez now encamped on the Baptist church steps. Have they permanently changed venues? Back at West-Park, the strange young man has the north door, the man with the bicycle south. No one else. Quiet for a change. 

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