Monday, June 10, 2013

And for that I am thankful


Early Saturday morning we gather. Marsha, Leila, Arcadia, Stephen and I. To prepare for tomorrow’s congregational meeting. We have decided. We are clear. The sale of the manse must move forward. Extended phone calls are needed to convince our agent yes we need a contract and we need it now...

The sounds of Ethel continue to inspire and comfort me....

In the chapel, I keep hearing sounds. I ask Mitchell of it’s someone connected with Noche. He tells me no. I look in and it’s Beard Papa who has somehow gained entrance and is playing the same scales over and over and over again.  I make a mental note of this and return to my meeting. 

Later I connect with Martin. He tells me he has escorted Beard Papa out of the building. I tell him about my breakfast meeting with Jon Deak of the  New York Philharmonic and his Very Young Composers program in conjunction with el Sistema in Venezuela. Jon is heading there on Sunday. He’s finally persuaded el viejo, Jose Antonio Abreu, founder of El Sistema to recognize the music of the streets and the people as material for his very young composers and their work. Only by being open to the music of the people does the program try to  begin to live up to its Freirian principles. 

What Jon wants is an opportunity  to have his young composers work in collaboration with one of our West-Park house  members . Noche is the most logical. I am excited when Martin tells me he would be honored  to work with Jon. It would be our first event to be geared to younger people and their families. 

Soon enough I have to leave to check in at the home Rev. Dick Leonard. He’s opened his apartment for one of the growing  phenomena of house concerts. This one with my friend Beppe and the artist Catarina.. It will benefit West-Park and for that I am thankful.  I can only be there briefly before heading to a wedding. A Jewish -Latino wedding. (A long road but we seem to be moving back towards Andalusia....)

The doorways are filling as I head home. 

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