Saturday, June 22, 2013

A quiet day


On my way to the church, I see Los Rodriguez camped out at the Baptist Church. Perhaps they have moved on.

David S comes in lugging cases of wine from the Gate for tomorrow night’s Open Mic. Later RL and David will be hard at work on another project in RL’s studio.

Jeremy and I going over plans for tomorrow’s Make Music New York Rush Hour Concert on the steps. And maybe something for the Open Mic. 

I go to meet with Elise and some folks from Riverside to plan a summer Palestinian film festival.

I get back just as Dzieci is ending their final Healing Circle of the season, quiet darkness as the solstice sun is setting. They stick around to work out their next a Bar Mitzvah?

Some more office work before Game 7 of the NBA Finals. No love here, but Le Bron earned it. Sorry it’s over....

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