Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The early morning quiet


Al and the contractors arrive and are ready to move room by room through the building trying to assess what exactly it will cost to bring the building all up to legal code.  All part of trying to find the solution, create the solution. 

Stephen comes in and we’re ready to figure out what all needs to happen this week.

Cara is back excited about the next round of classes with Soli and Noche. 

The Prophet walks in. Dressed, looking almost normal. Danielle and I look up from our meeting. It’s the Prophet, she says. Hello Geoffrey, I say. He touchesTh his fingers to his forehead, bows his head slightly and goes into the sanctuary to pray or meditate, whatever worship is his. A while later, he walks back out, nods and leaves. 

The pressures, the circle of uncertainties are beginning to wear. Need one thing, just one to fall into place.

Late at night, Nate and two friends from Seattle arrive. We’ll borrow some chairs and a table from the church to make the apartment  that is no longer ours functional for the week they will be here. Its hard for Nate, since it no longer feels like his home. But we’ll make it work.

Come back to return my keys. Finish my writing. Check out the steps. Walk home in the early morning quiet,a cool, post shower breeze is blowing. A new week begun. 

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