Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hello pastor


The prophet is on Broadway. I walk by, hello Geoffrey.
Hello Pastor, he says. 

I see Sean rolling by in his wheel chair. He looks better. Hello Sean,   I say.
Hello Pastor, he says. 

I’m trying to have a conversation on the phone. Sergeant Keith drops in, tries to start a conversation. I point to my phone, say I can’t talk now. 

The Sergeant disappears. The rest of the lost battalion corners me and share their complaints against Sergeant Keith. Franky, without him, the whole operation seems sketchier and sketchier. Time to call project reach out. And if they can’t help. 9-11. It’s enough. We expect those who sleep on our steps to begin moving forward, but the timing as always is an issue. 

RL comes in with David S and an idea, an intention, to make real. OK, guys, go for it....

Head to a meeting. Presbytery’s trying to find a new Stated Clerk. My job to help.....

Late in the afternoon, the full Sanctuary choir  for  rehearsal for the Friday night concert. Good to hear their sounds filling the walls.  Jeremy putting them through their paces. 

I hear noises. Yell what’s going on? More than my usual late night mouse sounds. But it’s only Christopher bringing up the garbage from the basement. Hello pastor....

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