Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pondering the limits of Unqualified Acceptance


                                                        From a distance

In the office trying to get prepared for Sunday and the going seems slow. Movie break. Frances Ha. (Good. I know most of those people in the, the characters, not the actua  people except for Charlotte D'Ambroise)

After watching the Pens go down to the Bruins, I’m back working on my sermon. Marc’s here late. Together we listen to my recording from Thursday  of Julie Gold singing From a Distance, which has nearly become  tradition at our annual Interfaith Assembly convocation and vigil. Song always takes me back to Desert storm, the first Iraq war. Other conversation about music, equipment recording. ( Marc had done the city’s Memorial day event in Riverside Park.)But mainly I learned more about his work creating precision high quality hand crafted cables. 

Getting late. As I start up Amsterdam, los Rodirguez have just arrived. Where  is Keith? The sergeant appears to be AWOL or perhaps MIA. If we see him, we’ll tell him you’re asking about him. Thanks, I say. Then I see Edward Green. Sound asleep. Look, I say, I’m not waking him up but he is not welcome here. I’ve had to clean up his crap at least ten times and I’m  not doing it again. He’s got to be up first thing and take all his stuff with him. 

Walking up the street, I’m pondering the limits of  unconditional acceptance. And I feel sadness. It’s now June.

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