Wednesday, June 26, 2013

All the doors at the Baptist church were filled


Early part of the day spent in trying to figure out how to deal with a relentless assault on Facebook.  Underlying that of course, is the realization that some perceptions of reality can never be reconciled. As the day goes on, the postings get worse and more painful. 

Everything related to real estate is nothing but wait. Patience wearing thin.

All day long the sounds of the Australian Voices filling the sanctuary. They are keeping me going this week. 

Late afternoon, I invite RL to listen to the Voices. He does an Australian bit  or two with the word mate in there and somehow winds up with a story about Mane lobstermen. I got lost somewhere long the way.

Late at night, they’re all back...los Rodriguez, the lost boy, the others...seems that all the doors at the Baptist Church were filled.

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