Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We're still waiting


The day begins with another visit with friends with friends who could bring everything together.  Another time of sharing a sense of vision of....It’s easy to be seen. “I wish we were having this conversation a year ago...” We are where we are when we’re there. We believe the big picture is coming together.  And we are waiting...

RL’s story about Dylan and his cover of One More Cup of Coffee sent me on an Internet journey. The original....I had forgotten that Emmy Lou Harris sang the harmonies.( RL knew the fiddle player...) Dylan’s live version from a concert in Buddokan, Japan...(see 1/5)...a decent cover by Steve Earle....and lots of others not naming. Took me down a gypsy road. Winding up with Ste. Sarah of Egypt, a new one for me. RL said that with people who do Dylan covers, they are doing their own interpretation. Never realize how the words, the sound of the voice and the color and texture and movement of the accompaniment all go together. Miss any of it, you miss it all.

When Jeremy comes in, I give him a copy of the new Beck album, Song Reader, which exists only in the form of sheet music. Beck fascinated by the idea that before recording, popular music circulated by buying sheet music and inviting friends to make it come alive. And almost every middle class home had a piano.  With a book of sheet music, with classic graphic illustrations and song teasers on the back, it’s like a different era is being recreated. Simple, well structured songs. 

We head off to the new hole in the wall Oaxacan restaurant called, well, Oaxaca, to talk about it and to talk through Teddy’s memorial service. Of course, I’m hoping a project will come out of this. 

Continuing the  music theme, Cara is back helping Danielle again and ready to the play the piano. She thanks me for bringing Emmy Lou Harris back to her last Sunday. That’s the second time today her name’s come up, I say. Another completed circle. 

Henry is upset that I don’t remember him from 17 years ago. When there was still a buzzer system and a full time security person. He’s been on a long odyssey since then. And now....but this time, I’ve only got a few dollars in my pocket. But we work on connecting him with the Interfaith Assembly and Marc. And after I leave, Danielle makes several other phone calls. He doesn’t want to go into the shelter system. Understandably so. But we need to get him somewhere before he can start employment readiness.  

I meet Jane for coffee. She'd been with Teddy almost until 10pm the night before he died. Still helping people. More work on Teddy’s service. Jane said that of course we know he was not perfect. But when you watch the video, he seems to have reached a Buddha like place, no need or desire for accumulation of things  or  need for attention. An acceptance of himself and the world.  (This won’t go away anytime soon...) A place to sleep,food to eat, people around  who he cares for and who he cares for. And that his babies be ok...
We need to stay true to that in planning his memorial. 

Jane and I walk back the street to the church. Danielle has gone. And I’ll be going soon

And we’re still waiting...

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