Sunday, January 20, 2013

Under consideration


The seriously interested party has arrived with a full entourage including architects, theatre people, a contractor and the erstwhile Ann Friedman of the Landmarks Conservancy. Stephen  is also with as well as Antonio, an Italian healer and friend of Jamie’s. I’m giving my best tour. Trying to make the vision seem real and achievable. At the end, they go off to talk together and Stephen and Jamie and I go off to Popover’s to compare notes on what we saw and heard.  Really hoping this will be positive. 

Pushing to finish week’s work. Take a break to visit with RL. I always appreciate and enjoy his unique take on things where underneath the humor always lurks a strong grain of common sense. I find him telling the church’s story to someone new. He has their interest. Again in his unique story teller way. I look to the back of the room and notice our perspective partner is still engaged in serious conversation wth her financial advisor. This can only be good. 

Latin Amrrican artists and friends
I finish the Sunday service before going up to Berik and Leila’s opening. They are just back from their museum show in Moscow. This latest show is heavily weighted with Latin American artists and there’s one whole table enagaged in an animated Spanish conversation.  I’m particularly drawn to the work of Monica Tavarez from Venezuela who seems to have a kind of Modigliani riff going on. The table has an extended conversation about the uncertainty of thing in Venezuela while President Chavez' health situation is unknown.

Monica Tavarez
I’ve brought a bottle of wine to share from the box left for us by Dzieci. My friend Beppe has arrived and we share a cup as he looks at the paintings before we head out to a late movie.


It’s a quiet late Saturday afternoon when I come in to work on getting the church ready for tomorrow.   Marc is playing early Ralph McTell on the sound system. Very well known and popular in England. Not so much here beyond Streets. It’s a deep and rich sound that fulls the sanctuary. Marc has kindly copied the liner notes for me, knowing I like the details. 

Both now and when I come back later to pick up my cell phone, I seriously consider going up to the gym to join Dzieci’s Maraton for awhile. It began at 7am  this morning and will last until 7 am tomorrow. But this morning, I was too done in to commit 24 hours to their demanding project,         transformative as it might be. I think about stopping in for awhile, but hesitate to step into a process already underway. Or wanting to experience it myself some day, to not encounter  a small part of the whole, No spoilers needed. So I decide to wait and accept Matt’s invitation to join them for salmon in the morning. Heading home. 

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